HOW DID OUR COMPANY BECOME INVOLVED WITH THESE TIMESHARE RESALES? You might find it odd for a company to be involved in buying a Timeshare, so let me elaborate. We were hired by a large Mexican Corporation, the Attendees' spouses of a well known Mexican Corporation held an event at your resort and while the executives were busy with their meetings and presentations most of the spouses were out venturing the facilities.

They fell in love with the area and ended up in various Timeshare sales meetings. They reportedly discovered that many of the resorts believe Americans and Canadians spend more money than Mexicans, and therefore limit the Mexican memberships to off-season (generally May through October-excluding major foreign holiday weeks). They also reported that while talking with foreigners at the breakfast buffets, they found that many resorts often charge Mexicans higher maintenance fees every time they use a week.

When questioned about this, many resorts stated that because most Mexicans drive and bring more people, they are justified in charging them up to 2-3 times higher maintenance fees. Our current customers are top executives at one of the largest Mexican corporations and were outraged. They want the superior "International" membership usually providing usage during 48 of the 52 weeks, many more benefits, and much lower maintenance fees. Several of our customers previously attempted to purchase using the internet, but they were scammed. Because their employer is one of our long-time customers, they turned to us for assistance, knowing that the nature of our business provides us with close connections at many of these resorts.